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How many words can you make from 35 letters - because they're on the move!
Drag/shuffle/swap the moving letters to make words
Longer words score more points
Score = point x letters-used
World-wide HIGH SCORES!
Can you beat the Spell'scalator?

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Are highscores really worldwide?
Yes - the same scores are shared on desktop(browser) and mobile (app) versions of the game!
How do you determine if a word is 'OK'
We use a list of 190,000+ 3-10-letter words which is based on the official wordlist for a certain, well-known word game played with tiles!
I can't move letters out of the word when the moving letters are full
Ah yes - that's what happens when you risk a long word and the letters dont' work out eh? :)
Known Issues
(Android)The screen/background is flickering
This happens on some handsets (mostly Samsung) - in the menu, switch to the 'Blue', 'Red' or 'Green' background and it will stop
The game runs slowly on my [insert device here]
Again, try the 'Blue', 'Red' or 'Green' backgrounds as that removes the animation/colour changing which is often slow
(iOS)Links don't open when I tap them
Blame Steve Jobs - he didn't like the idea of tapping stuff - a long-press will offer the option to open any link tho!
Created with Notepad++ - Powered by jQuery - App Versions via PhoneGap
Coded with Eclipse
Graphics smudged together using GIMP and Inkscape
Sounds mangled with Audacity
Sounds from freeSound.org
Fonts from dafont converted to Webfonts by FontSquirrel
Sounds from freesound.org mangled through Audacity
Some graphics smudgery courtesy of GIMP and Inkscape
Anddle is a maths puzzle played against your Android (3 levels of difficulty) or 'hot seat' multiplayer on a single device
The objective is simple - score more points by choosing wisely!
My first programming job (mid/late 80s) was programming IBM Mainframes.
In the corner of the office was a 'new fangled' IBM PC, with a pile of diskettes containing such gems as Mean 18 and a puzzle game called 'Addle'.
I've no idea who created that game - it might even have been someone else in-house - I might even have gotten the name wrong over the years!
I've remade it a few times now - the first one I released to the public was on the old Psion 5 PDA - I called that one psAddle.
25+ years after I found that diskette, I've brought the game up-to-date once again, this time for Android
I hope it's still worth playing! :)
Online Multiplayer?
It's possible - but it would have to be a paid App to cover costs
If Anddle becomes popular, we'll definately look into it tho!
Created with Andengine
Coded with Eclipse
Graphics smudged together using GIMP and Inkscape
Sounds mangled with Audacity
Cosmic Crash
Avenge Pluto's demotion to 'dwarf planet' by knocking the rest of the Solar System into Black Holes!!
Win points, bonuses, hiscores, space-fruit!
Great for new players. You get 10 shots so you can afford to miss but your multiplier is limited to 5 which means it takes a while to get a hiscore.
Tougher as you only get 5 shots, multiplier still maxes at 5 but planets score higher. Planets appear in order-of and score based-on their relative size and we've added a new planet, Tyche, for extra points!!
For pros! Only 3 shots, but your multiplier rises fast and goes all the way to 99 meaning BIG, BIG for quick/accurate players - this is what we play at somewhatDOG!
Timed Modes?
Instead of a shot limit you get a time limit - thanks to Psyfect for the suggestion!
Once you score no further misses allowed - how big a streak can you get?
You can't earn more shots than you had at the start of the game so any extra shots score an "Overshot" bonus.
If you remove all planets from the screen you get a 'Clear' bonus, a new set of planets are added to the screen AND your Shots are reset!
Angry Save?
One of our testers got angry when she'd aim at a planet but it entered a Black Hole before Pluto hit - causing a foul - so if it's FAST, you get this instead!
Shaking your phone nudges slow moving Planets (works only once every few seconds) which might just save your game!!
Other Bonuses?
Yeah, loads of them - we'll let you discover those yourself tho!
What devices will Cosmic Crash run on?
We designed and tested it on an HTC Desire (Bravo) running Android 2.2 (Froyo) but it SHOULD work on any device with Android 1.6 or later.
We can't test every combination of devices/Android versions, which is why we've released our first game for free, in the hope that many players will report issues AND successful experiences
Can I control shot strength?
No. We tried a few ways of doing this but decided that the quick-fire nature of the game made it both fiddly AND unnecessary - we hope you'll agree!
What about online hiscores??
We have those courtesy of Scoreloop
and achievements??
Yup, Scoreloop again!
I don't like the spacestations and time machines etc. - I preferred the old Cosmic Crash
From the 'Start Game' page, enter the Menu and tap 'Saucers' to disable it!!
My Rank on the Global/24h Leaderboards is wrong
Scoreloop gets out-of-sync sometimes - press Menu and Exit the Game then restart and your rank should re-sync!
somewhatPOOL is all about potting with skill.
Balls increase in value when they collide, you score more for bankshots, ricochets, potting more than 1 ball in a single shot and even potting the cueball itself can earn points!!
Is this just another Pool game?
Hell no - it might look like Pool but the rules are quite different :)
But I can't control ball speed or spin?
Nope - but neither do you have to wait for the balls to stop before shooting again...
Potting the cueball is a foul?
Not always - only if you pot it first. If you pot another first ball, potting the cueball doubles it's score!
Everytime I shoot I lose 1 shot?
Yup - but every non-foul ball you pot adds a shot (including non-foul cueballs!)
I potted 2 balls but my shots only went by 1, to 10?
You can't earn more shots than you started the table with.
Everytime I clear a table I get fewer shots?
Yup - 10 for the first table, then 9 for the next, then 8,7,6 where it stays
In Alternate Mode, why are some balls pulsing/flashing?
Those are the balls you should pot first!!
In Alternate Mode, can I hit the 'wrong' type of ball first?
Yup - it only matters which you POT first - you can hit the wrong balls and even pot them AFTER the right ball has been potted.
sum wot doku
Similar to Mathdoku, Sumdoku and KenKen, sum-wot-doku is a combined logic and math puzzle game.
Puzzles are generated randomly and checked for 'human solvability' before you play them.
4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 puzzles are available - with 3 levels of clue difficulty and a detailed Hint System.
What are the 'Advanced Options'
We're trying some ways of making puzzles harder/more interesting and we'd like your feedback!
Currently the options are...
+3 Cell Values - changes puzzles from using 1-4/5/6 to 4-7/8/9, does this make the puzzles harder?
Longer Cages - Each puzzle has fewer cages because cages have more cells - again, does this make the puzzles harder?
AutoEliminate - Whether setting a value in a cell will automatically remove it from cells in the same row/column, or not. Disabling this makes puzzles more challenging?
Show Possibles/Eliminated - Whether cells show all the possible values or just those you've manually (or automatically if the above option is chosen) eliminated? Choosing 'Eliminated Only' certainly makes you think harder!?
Created with Andengine
Coded with Eclipse
Graphics smudged together using GIMP and Inkscape
Sounds mangled with Audacity
Sounds from freeSound.org
and a tiny bit of negative beep by SplashDust
Word Bagel is a classic 'how many words can you make from 6 letters' game with 3 different modes of play.
IMPORTANT: The 40,000+ word dictionary we use contains slang and profanity - thus Word Bagel may not be suitable for younger players and is rated accordingly...
Slow Mode
Each level has it's own timer. To progress, you need to match enough words to meet the Letter Target
Once you've met the target, you can keep guessing words for more points or move up a level
Fast Mode
Each level has a short timer and an ever growing Word Target
Once you've met the target, level-up is automatic and remaining time is carried forward
Zen Mode
No Scores or Timers, just word finding!
Sometimes the display seems to be 'shifted downwards'
This is a device-specific problem relating to Admob - hit 'HOME' and then re-run the game and it should fix itself!
Can I save my game?
Your game is saved at the start of each level - this should survive calls and even power-cycling
Progress within a level is NOT saved to avoid people cheating :)
Android Apps
SomewhatClock Widget
Only as much time as you really need, as a 4x2 or 2x2 Widget
Customise fonts and colors - save your own presets - share them with people!
Custom Fonts (5 supplied or use your own!)
Text Outline Thickness and Color
Shadow Size and Color
Presets - store and share your presets
I've changed text/background colors and my widgets haven't updated?
Android is sometimes slow to update widgets - they should update eventually (within 1 min at worst)
If you're in a rush, go into the settings and out again - that usually fixes it!
Can I have multiple widgets in different colours?
2x2 and 4x2 widgets have their own settings - so you can have different sized widgets with different settings.
Tapping a widget opens it's settings - can I disable that?
Yes, untick "Tap to Edit" in the Settings. Once you've done that, you'll need to add a new Widget to access the settings again tho!
SomewhatClock Live Wallpaper
Only as much time as you really need, as a Live Wallpaper!
Customise text and background colors.
Custom Fonts (5 supplied or use your own!)
Text Outline Thickness and Color
Shadow Size and Color
Presets - store and share your presets
Why can't I access somewhatClock Live Wallpaper on my phone?
Live Wallpapers require Android 2.1 or later - if you have an earlier version, you won't be able to access this (try the widget instead!!)
Will somewhatClock drain my battery?
Absolutely not, it updates once a minute (or if you change settings) and so won't shorten battery life in the way many animated wallpapers can
The clock has 'shrunk' to the top rather than taking the whole screen height
It does this when the screen reports being switched off (to fit behind the lockscreen when it powers-on again) - if it doesn't restore, tap the wallpaper - that should fix it!!

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